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NutriGoal is a goal-driven Health & Wellness company.

Our Goal is to help you achieve Your Goal. No matter what life might bring your way.

We set realistic goals and guide you by implementing practical solutions in your daily routine and lifestyle.

NutriGoal organises Health & Wellness days as well as tailor-made solutions for your home or work-space.

We believe in a Holistic Approach and work with a group of Health & Wellness Professionals to give each client the best advice. We offer a variety of services that is custom-made to each individual’s requirements.

- Merensia Groenewald -


Merensia Groenewald is a dietician with more than 20 years’ experience in the nutritional field.

She works at the Eugene Marais Hospital, Corelli Wellness Centre, Wonderboom Virgin Active and Intercare Wonderboom.

She is also registered to conduct Medical aid Rewards and Loyalty Programs.

If she is not working, she is spending time with her horses which are one of her passions.

The one word that would describe Merensia is Energy.

- Our Favorite Cheats - 


Yes, we cheat too! Both our favourite cheats are an assortment of Cheese & Crackers.

Merensia’s favourite drinks are Coffee and Water with lemon juice.


Cecilia is happy with a glass of Chardonnay to accompany the Cheese & Crackers!

- Cecilia Wynne-Griffith -


Cecilia Wynne-Griffith is a Lifestyle Coach. She refers to herself as a 'Gypsy Nutrition Adviser', as she travels to where she is needed.

She implements the guidelines, at home or at the office and addresses Fussy Eaters, Convenient Cooking and Health & Wellness Coaching for families

She has a passion for Early Childhood Development in both privileged and underprivileged communities.

Peace would be to best describe Cecilia. And her easy tip to a healthy life is to just add a variety of Colours & Food Groups at each meal!

- Our Partners -


With our Holistic Approach, we work with a group of Health & Wellness Professionals:

-   Biokineticists & Personal Trainers:
They conduct Individual & Group Fitness assessments.

-   Nurses:
For Blood Glucose, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure & HIV tests. They can also conduct Immunisation, Vit B, PSA and Vaccines.

-   Psychiatrists:
To determine the Mental Well-Being of individuals.

-   Massage Therapists:
For relaxing & destressing.

-   Optometrists:
To check Eye Health & conduct Glaucoma Screenings.

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