Wellness Awareness

It is not always easy to know what is good for you and what not. So NutriGoal decided to provide you some very common Unhealthy Practices, and how you can replace these with Healthy Practices. And because it is important to know WHY you are doing things, we created an easy explanation so you know why you should be making the right choices! If you want to know more, please get in touch with us! www.NutriGoal.co.za info@NutriGoal.co.za 074 126 9542

Ingredients Labels Difficult? Not At All!

You probably know that you always need to ask yourself: "What is inside the box?" But do you know what to look for on the box? Just look at the ingredients! It's very simple: if there is more than 1 ingredient on the ingredients list, you know that it has been processed! For example: A Blackberry is a Blackberry: But a Blackberry Pie is Apple + Sugar + Butter + Pastry So to make it even Shorter & Easier: Blackberry = Healthy Blackberry Pie = Unhealthy And that's how you read your labels on your boxes!

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